Residents of South Africa over the age of 18 are now permitted, an allowance of R1000000.00 per calendar year and children under 18 an allowance of R200000.00 per calendar year.  A maximum of R25000.00 may also be taken in Rand cash for use on entry to South Africa.

Conditions for issuance of forex to SA Residents:

  • Forex is applied for within a 60 day period prior to departure.
  • A valid passport and air ticket is presented.
  • The amount applied for is within the annual allowance.
  • All unused foreign currency must be returned to an authorised dealer within 30 days upon return to South Africa.
  • Proof of residence within 3months must be provided.

Conditions for encashments for Non-SA Residents

  • Valid passport
  • Slip of foreign exchange previously sold to a foreign exchange dealer

If you want to know how many rupees you’d need to spend a week in India , or how many euros for a weekend in Paris , please visit the XE currency converter.

Applying for Extra Allowances and the Amnibus Allowance can be a tedious and lengthy exercise. We can help by submitting these applications to the authorities on your behalf thereby cutting through red tape fast and at no charge.


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We have brought opportunities to the previously disadvantaged and are transferring our expertise to a new generation of professionals.
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