Because our staff have many years experience both locally and internationally we have, as an additional service to our clients, set up an Advisory Service to answer any queries you may have concerning Forex issues.

 Essentially we have the expertise and experience to advice you on what Forex to take to whatever destination to avoid any inconvenience. We can also help in providing assistance if you lose your travellers cheques and we can always call on our network of associated offices throughout Europe and Africa to provide help and advice.


If you want to know how many rupees you’d need to spend a week in India , or how many euros for a weekend in Paris , please visit the XE currency converter.

Applying for Extra Allowances and the Amnibus Allowance can be a tedious and lengthy exercise. We can help by submitting these applications to the authorities on your behalf thereby cutting through red tape fast and at no charge.


View the latest Exchange Rates.

Probably the most important aspect of our business in recent times has been our empowernment policy. Imali Express is an enthusiastic player in the new South Africa.
We have brought opportunities to the previously disadvantaged and are transferring our expertise to a new generation of professionals.
Our staff receives ongoing training through regular seminars and support through a practical monitoring programme.

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